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Creating Beautiful Home Away From Home.
Welcome to our page. We are all independent serviced accommodation business owners in the UK. We have made it hassle free & better for short term, long term & holiday stay in the UK. A complete mixture of modern apartments & flats, quirky cottages, detached houses, and many more options for you to book your stay.
Find us in our available location directory, call us directly & we are serviced accommodation owners who will help you find a place to stay either be for leisure or business travel.

Travelling for Work or Leisure?

We have got you.
We have independent owners
featuring their properties in different location.

Who are we?

We knew that there would be better way to promote our “Serviced Accommodation” to our guests/ travelers/ clients. We have a list of independent small business owner passionate to create short stay home for you to use rather than using a hotel. We want our clients to believe we have the charm , the delivery of 5* star hotels.

“What can you expect here”

We want you to support local independent serviced accommodation owner. Our business owners are passionate to create homes for you – All you need to do is either drop them a message or a call, and list your request for bookings . All contacts and listings will be available for you to book directly with the owners.

A Step-by-step Guide

to book one of our serviced accommodation property.

Check our available listings of properties

We have over 100+ serviced accommodation properties listed from all over the UK. Please visit our listing and you can complete “SEARCH” on your location that you are travelling.  We have a range of serviced accommodation for your short term/ long term stay for family trips, business events, contract works, etc. Be sure now once you have viewed the listings of the properties, and you are now ready to contact the company directly to BOOK.

Request to book via a call or email.

Now,  you can contact our serviced accommodation owners for their specific properties for you to get more details about your stay. Please make sure your asking questions to know more about the accommodation , your requirements and their availability.  Then based on the offering, make sure you secure the property over the phone/email.  You will then be followed by emails and confirmation of your bookings.

Relax, and get ready for your travelling.

Relax. Our serviced accommodation owners will handle all your bookings and call/emails to relay any information about your bookings. As we understand traveling can be stressful sometimes,  all our serviced accommodation owners wants to make sure we give you the best experience possible. Ofcourse, unlike anything you want to speak to them, just make sure you drop them a call.